Urgent/Crisis Services

Our urgent/crisis services are available for those students who are in crisis or have an urgent need to be seen by an available counselor.

To report an instance of sex based discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, or discrimination on the basis of a protected class, contact Equity and Title IX.

To learn more about non-mental health related emergency preparedness, visit go.mst.edu/eop to view the Emergency Guide Book created by the University Police Department.

(view and download the above Crisis Decision Tree here - feel free to print and share!)

When someone does one of the following: 
  • Tells you they plan to end their life
  • Talks about suicide threats
  • Cannot guarantee their own safety
  • Is at risk of suicide and under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Is at risk of suicide and emotionally distraught, very depressed, angry, or anxious
  • Is at risk of suicide and has access to means for suicide (pills, gun, etc.)
  • Begins putting affairs in order, like giving away possessions
  • Talks about the future without them in it, e.g. “I won’t be here by then.”
  • Has dramatic mood changes, including suddenly seeming to get better for no reason

All available 24/7:

  • Call the Missouri S&T Police at (573) 341-4300 or call 911
    • Immediate danger to life of self or others. Missouri S&T Police will consult with a licensed counselor or connect individuals to resources below.
  • Crisis Text Line - Text HOME to 741741
    • Crisis Text Line is a global not-for-profit organization providing free crisis intervention via SMS message. The organization's services are available 24 hours a day every day, throughout the US by texting 741741 
  • Call or Text the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 (For Veterans, Press 1)
    • The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a United States-based suicide prevention network of 161 crisis centers that provides a 24/7, toll-free hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. You can also chat online at missouri988.org
  • Contact the Compass Health Crisis Access Point at 844-853-8937
    • Or visit 1450 East 10th Street, Rolla, MO 65402
    • Compass Health provides support for individuals in crisis every hour of every day. Their facility provides individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis a safe place to get their immediate basic needs met for up to 23 hours. This program provides immediate triage and stabilization, observation and ongoing care, showers, meals, clothing, medications (as needed), and a place to sleep.
  • Call the Compass Health Hotline at 888.237.4567
    • Staffed by mental health professionals who can respond to your crisis 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, they will talk with you about your crisis and help you determine what further help is needed - for example, a telephone conversation to provide understanding and support, a face-to-face intervention, an appointment the next day with a mental health professional, or perhaps an alternative service that best meets your needs. They may give you other resources or services within your community to provide you with ongoing care following your crisis. All calls are strictly confidential.
  • Call the Phelps Health Hospital Emergency Department at 573.458.7800 located at 1000 W. 10th St., Rolla, MO
  • Healing Space- Sexual Violence Resource Center 24/7 Hotline at (201) 487-2227
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or chat on thehotline.org
  • Trevor Project- 24/7 Lifeline for LGBTQ+ concerns at 1-866-488-7386


  • Remain calm, but act quickly
  • DO NOT leave the person alone if you think their life is in danger
  • Trust your instincts that the person may be in trouble
  • Listen without judgment
  • Get help if you don't know what to do
  • DO NOT PROMISE SECRECY - there is no confidentiality in life-threatening situations



  • If safe and possible, follow through with the person to ensure they are doing okay
  • If applicable, fill out a UCARE report so trained university staff can check in with the student on a regular basis and get them help if needed
  • Take care of yourself and your own mental health

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