Group counseling offers a safe space to gain awareness of yourself and others. The experience can reduce loneliness, normalize life events, promote change, and teach new relationship skills. Groups help us learn how to connect with our own feelings while in the presence of others.

Research has shown that group therapy is just as effective, if not more effective, than individual counseling, as it allows a space for connection, shared healing, and a chance to practice behaviors and actions within the safety and security of a group. 

Confidentiality in a group setting is often a worry and a deterrence from trying it out. Outside of the privacy standards that all participants agree to, in general most participants will honor your privacy and respect your healing journey. You are able to decide when and how you want to engage in a group- showing up and just listening is a perfect way to engage until you feel ready to participate. Honor your own pace!

You will learn…

  • You’re not alone
  • Many struggle with finding a safe place to be themselves
  • Life involves giving and receiving support
  • There is joy in finding your own “voice”
  • How other's experience success
  • How other's healing and learning journeys are similar and different from your own

Want to join a group?

For more information or to sign up for a group, contact us by emailing, calling 573-341-4211, or visiting 204 Norwood Hall.

All groups are held in 204 Norwood Hall unless otherwise stated



Meet with other students to share ideas and skills related to coping with the diagnosis/symptoms of ADHD (including inattention to details, time blindness, demand activation problems, following through on tasks, losing stuff, and being easily distracted).  Group members share concerns in a confidential setting and seek practical solutions. This group is led by a counselor.

Spring 2024: email for current date/time of group



Explore and discover your personal body image strengths and vulnerabilities in a safe environment, create new perspectives and experiences of mindful body acceptance, build confidence about how you look and who you are. This group is led by a counselor.

Spring 2024: Wednesdays at 3pm - 4pm



These workshops will help participants be gritty, build resilience, strengthen relationships, deepen their sense of meaning and purpose, and help them cope with stressors and challenges. Activities and exercises--backed by research--aim to improve health and happiness and are led by a Health Educator. This group is led by a staff member.

Spring 2024: Tuesdays at 3pm - 4pm



Explore relationship challenges that lead to feelings of anxiety or depression while working to be healthy, create boundaries, and resolve conflicts positively. This group is led by a counselor.

Spring 2024: Fridays at 1pm - 2pm



Experience the encouragement of others in the LGBTQ+ community and support each other on the journey through college and beyond. Possible group activities include navigating college issues, sharing local & nationwide supports, practicing healthy self-care habits, processing stress & practicing coping skills, role-playing difficult conversations, discussing healthy dating practices, and much more. This group is led by a counselor.

Spring 2024: Wednesdays at 1pm - 2pm



Explore your behaviors, reflect on ideas for change, avoid negative consequences related to drugs and alcohol, and experience the support of a safe group. This is not an abstinence-only group. This group is led by a counselor.

Spring 2024: Tuesdays at 1pm - 2pm



The Miner Support Network is a student-led campus organization that works to de-stigmatize mental health through confidential, weekly, peer-facilitated groups while holistically working to create an inclusive community dedicated to empathy, trust, and relationship building through network-wide stress-busting events.
Learn more and sign up here.

Spring 2024: Wednesdays at 4pm - 5pm, Library Room 325



ProjectConnect is a fun, 6-session student-led program now being offered on campus aimed at helping students build social connections and community on campus. Students meet in groups of 4-6 over the course of six 1-hour sessions, and engage in a series of thought-provoking questions and fun activities, ending with a group event. Sign ups are at the beginning of each semester. Learn more and sign up here.

Spring 2024: Fridays at 4:30pm - 5:30pm, Library Room 202

Watch a wrap-up video from the Fall 2021 Final Group Event here!



Experience a highly structured group for students with the goal of reducing PTSD symptoms and increasing feelings of personal safety. This group is led by a counselor.

Spring 2024: Tuesdays at 3:15pm - 4pm



Learn how to manage your stress in a healthy way.  Learn basic self care and habits you can practice daily to manage stress and increase overall well-being. This group is led by a counselor.

Spring 2024: Tuesdays at 3pm - 4pm



Reduce social anxiety, gain confidence, and practice skills in a safe and supportive setting. This group is led by a counselor.

Spring 2024: Mondays at 12pm - 1pm and/or 3:30pm - 4:30pm



Learn the mechanisms that start and stop anxiety. Engage with a support network of peers sharing similar experiences, learning ways to STOPP (Stop, Take a break, Observe, Pull back, Practice) anxiety. Create a personal toolbox of coping skills that will help you grow personally and professionally when facing stressful situations. This group will encourage experiential activities, creative expression, mindful based activities, humor, and connection with your inner self. This group is led by a counselor.

Spring 2024: Mondays at 2pm - 3pm and/or Wednesdays at 1pm - 2pm