STEP UP! Upstanders



Upstander: Christian Eugene Winingar

Submitted by: Anonymous

Christian is the president of his fraternity. He is consistently working to advance the culture of the house through focusing on mental health and behavior.



Upstander: Andrew Edwards

Submitted by: Anonymous

Andrew Edwards came to the aid of another student who was in the middle of the road after being harassed and assaulted by a group of six individuals after leaving a local establishment in downtown Rolla. Edwards helped the student to his feet and off the road. He began to assist the student back to his place of residences that was near by when the group engaged him while assisting the student. He noticed the event, interpreted as a problem, and assumed personal responsibility. Edwards did this despite the larger group still there. His calm manner in which he assisted allowed him to help the student get home and seek care. Without Andrew Edwards assistance that night, the outcome may have been very different for all involved that may have been much worse. Edwards not only assisted the student in need, but indirectly helped the other six individuals involved potentially avoid a situation that may have led to criminal arrests. The action taken by Edwards has largely gone unnoticed and unrecognized with the exception of those that were involved with investigating the incident.



Upstander: Brett Hartley

Submitted by: Anonymous

Brett delivered ALL of the Prevention Coalition bags when he saw nobody else was going to.



Upstander: Dylan Clay

Submitted by: Barb S. Prewett

Dylan recognized a situation of concern and helped connect a student to needed resources and support.



Upstander: Michelle Amos

Submitted by: Emily Lasso de la Vega

During the Admissions Open House on March 5th, the department of Student Diversity Initiatives was a little short on staff and unable to set up their table in time. Michelle noticed that a family was interested in learning more about the department, and she approached them to share all the knowledge she has about Student Diversity Initiaitves. She even spoke with them in Spanish! After an SDI representative arrived and let Michelle know that they may have to leave early due to a schedule conflict, Michelle once again said she would make sure she shared information if she noticed that more families were interested.



Upstander: Gavin Jewell

Submitted by: Anonymous

He located a missing wallet, found out who it belonged to, and returned to its owner.



Upstander: Michael Manley

Submitted by: Barb S. Prewett

Michael helped a staff member in need and went out of his way to assist them.



Upstander: David Westenberg

Submitted by: Stephen Raper

He is always using social media in ways to inform students, staff, and faculty about programs, mental well being, and so forth.



Upstander: Joseph A. Walton

Submitted by: Anonymous

I was on the verge of a panic attack and Joe noticed. He asked me to sit down with him and lit some candles, asked me about my day, and listened to all my concerns. I think he even missed his favorite TV show to do so.




Upstander: Onyx Russ (they/them)

Submitted by: Anonymous

Onyx has consistently STEPed UP for the transgender community on campus. They have reached out to resources and made sure that the school is an open and welcoming environment for transgender individuals.



Upstander: Chief Doug Roberts

Submitted by: Shyla Weller-Register

I had to go for a week long hospital visit (for suicidal thoughts) and Chief Roberts responded to my call and gave me an escort to the hospital. The whole ride there he was telling me that people care and I was loved. It really made me feel better. The hospital visit was not a fun, I panicked, and people weren’t very nice. However, Chief Roberts came and picked me up and began talking to me about how much people care and love me and how I’ll always have meaning and it really made the whole experience worth it. The hospital didn’t keep me from killing myself, he did. And I’m glad to have met him. He seemed like he was going to cry when I showed my appreciation by buying him Oreos. I’ll never be able to thank him enough. He is one in a million and definitely in the right line of work!



Upstander: Donny Badamo

Submitted by: Barb S. Prewett

Donny recognized a concerning situation and assumed personal responsibility to address the concern by utilizing appropriate resources. Donny provided encouragement and support for an individual in need.



Upstander: Joshua Piggot

Submitted by: Anonymous

Josh regularly performs mental health checkups on the people close to him and is able to ask for help when he needs it, which is harder than it sounds.



Upstander: Madalyn Gutierrez

Submitted by: Anonymous

She helped me fix a broken shelf in my closet when it had fallen down and I was struggling to put it back up.



Upstander: Aaron Turner

Submitted by: Anonymous

Aaron was picking up trash outside of TJ Maxx.



Upstander: Jill Davis

Submitted by: Jonathan Kimball

I was leading a church float trip, and I had two octogenarians in my canoe - we tipped twice. The second time, we were separated from others on the trip, and both elderly women had several cuts. I didn't know how we would proceed. Jill was coincidentally there at the same time, on a float trip with her friends. She volunteered to let one of her friends tow her kayak and join my canoe to enable us to get to the takeout point.



Upstander: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Submitted by: Anonymous

The department brought over a thank you card and bagels to thank our office for all the support and help we have done for them the last few months.



Upstander: Jonathan Kimball

Submitted by: Brett Hartley

Jonathan is continually looking for avenues to support student voices for equity and justice, both on campus and beyond.



Upstander: Raheemat Rafiu

Submitted by: Agaba Ame-Oko

Raheemat is a skilled tailor. She decided that rather than cry helplessly every day, she would make cloth face masks and give them to the Missouri S&T campus police to distribute to those who needed one for free.



Upstander: Maddie Skora

Submitted by: Anonymous

Maddie recognized a concerning situation and assumed personal responsibility to address the problem by utilizing campus resources. Maddie continued to be there for and encourage the person in need.



Upstander: Andrea Harris

Submitted by: Anonymous

Andrea has been making cloth mask in her spare time for those that need them. She has sent me pictures of her family getting involved in the production too.



Upstander: Joe Studer

Submitted by: Brett Hartley

Checked on a classmate and assisted with resources, then followed up to make sure they met the need.



Upstander: Joe (Karl) Wilbanks

Submitted by: Doug Roberts

Custodian Joe (Karl) Wilbanks was working at Bertelsmeyer Hall when he smelled the odor of natural gas. Custodian Wilbanks stepped up and sealed off the room and contacted first responders. He identified the event as a problem, assumed responsibility, and reached out for assistance to help mitigate the issue.