STEP UP! for Bystander Intervention Education

STEP UP! empowers the campus community to foster a culture of awareness, intervention, and inclusion in all our interactions in person, on social media, and virtually.

STEP UP! helps students recognize problematic events and increases their motivation, skills, and confidence when responding to problems or concerns.

Upstanders are everywhere, stepping up where it matters the most! Whether it's holding a door for someone, helping your neighbor carry their groceries, returning a wallet, or helping a friend get home safely from a party, you can STEP UP! too.
If you see an Upstander helping others, nominate them below. They will be featured on our website and can be eligible to win a prize.

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Did you know?

92% of S&T students report they would intervene in a situation where someone's health or safety is in jeopardy. (MACHB 2021, n=367)

7,202 members of the S&T community have received STEP UP! training. (as of July 2021)

92% of students that witnessed a problematic event used their skills to intervene (MACHB 2021, n=145)